We provide Engineering design services for Oil / Gas / Petrochemical / Offshore projects which includes following areas.

a) Piping / Mechanical: Piping 3D Models / Layout Drawings / Stress analysis / Equipment drawings / Bill of Materials / Documents such as PMS, VMS etc.

b) Civil : Civil 3D Models / Civil Structural Drawings / Foundation Drawings / Pipe Support Drawings etc.

c) Process: Process Flow Diagrams / Process & Instrumentation Diagrams / Line Hydraulic Calculations etc.

d) Electrical: Electrical Load List / Datasheets for Motor, Generator etc. / Single Line Diagram / Power Distribution Plan / Cable Schedule / Sizing Calculations / Bill of Materials etc.

e) Instrumentation: Instrument Hook-Up Drawings / Instrument cable Layouts / System architecture / Control panel Drawings / F&G Layouts / IO List / Cable Schedule etc.


We provide Design Engineers / Designers / Draftsmen in following areas:

a) Piping Design / Layout Engineers / Designers / Draftsmen
b) Mechanical Engineers - Stress analysis / Rotary / Static
c) Civil Design Engineers / Designers / Draftsmen
d) Process Design Engineers / Designers / Draftsmen
e) Electrical Design Engineers / Designers / Draftsmen
f) Instrumentation Design Engineers / Designers / Draftsmen
g) Planning Engineers

Not that we are in a position to provide talented Engineer and Designers with Software proficiency in leading design softwares such as SP3D / PDMS / TEKLA / Auto CAD to name a few.


We provide Construction Engineering Professionals / Supervisors / Laborers in following areas:

a) Project Engineers – Mechanical / Piping
b) Project Engineers – Civil
c) Project Engineers – Electrical
d) Project Engineers – Process
e) Project Engineers – Instrumentation
f) Project Planning Engineers
g) Document Controllers
h) Construction Supervisors
i) Skilled workers such as Welders / Riggers / Drivers etc.
j) Foremen
k) Unskilled workers and other Laborers etc.


We also provide Customized Packaged Assemblies such as the following:

a) Brake Fluid Plant
b) Waste Oil Plant
c) Dry-Mix Mortar Manufacturing Agent
d) Pasteurized Diary Milk Processing Plant
e) Liquid Handwash Manufacturing Plant
f) Semi-industrial & Industrial Ice cream Plant
g) Mineral Processing Plant
h) Biochemical Plant